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Willkommen bei der A45 Music GmbH

Als eine der etablierten Independent Musik Firmen in Deutschland, sind wir seit 15 Jahren für nationale und internationale Künstler aus den Bereichen Dance, Trance, House & Club aber auch Party, Party-Schlager, Pop und RnB zu einer international erfolgreichen Plattform geworden.
Darüber hinaus ermöglicht unser internationales Netzwerk weltweite Veröffentlichungen, online distribution & die Auswertung von Musikverlagsrechten,neben der Möglichkeit auch als Dienstleister Ihre Aktivitäten in allen Bereichen der Musikbranche (von der Produktion bis zur Vermarktung) zu unterstützen.

Welcome to A45 Music GmbH

As one of the well established independent music companies in Germany, since 1999 the company has become a very successful home for national & international acts and producers of Dance, Trance, House and Party-Schlager, Pop and RnB. Our international network offers on top worldwide release, online distribution and as well as exploitation of publishing rights and acting as your agent in various further fields of the music business.

Latest news

AARON AMBROSE feat Paulina - Moonlight Shadow
Einen Song von Mike Oldfield neu zu interpretieren
mag sicherlich eine Herausforderung sein,
Aaron aber hat diese mit Hilfe neuer Mixe von SCOTTY, CJ STONE
und DREAMCATCHER mehr als bewältigt!
Der Ohrwurm bleibt, der neue Sound begeistert !

For sure ist not easy to do a new version of Mike Oldfields worldhit,
but with fantastic new mixex by SCOTTY, CJ STONE and DREAMCATCHER
Aaron has more than only succeeded !
DOEPP & TOBI RECH - Dance for me
Flicker Rhythm Music unleashes DANCE FOR ME by the german duo DOEPP & TOBI RECH. We at Flicker Rhythm headquarter are more than happy to be able to present this seductive & charming dancefloor-bomb. This tune is absolutely tailored for the dance floor. The mesmerizing vocal & superb grooving chords making it nearly impossible not to get caught immediately by it’s vibe! Dance For Me takes us on a hypnotic ride - a deep groovin journey that we really like to share with you.
The 2 remix versions both tap into different sides of clubmusic sound.
Berlin based mastermind SAMUEL FACH having released a huge amount of tracks in the past on labels like tonkind, symbiont or amselcom to name a few delivers an outstanding interpretation of the original. Mr. Fach didn’t waste any time after being asked to do a remix of Dance For Me. The result is a jaw-dropping deep house tune that is simply out of this world. The massive bassline & the seductive vocal sample morphing the titletrack into a thrilling monster of a remix that will blow the roof off at every club or festival where it will be dropped.
The 2nd remix by London techno pioneer & labelhead of famous Eukatech Records NILS HESS is raw power combined with high creativity. The track leaves not a single doubt about Nils’ profound knowledge & his skills when it comes to dance music. Being almost 3 decades on the forefront of Londons undergound club scene, he easily knows exactly what knobs to twist to create a remix that comes along as a massively pumping UK flavoured tech house bomb that is perfect for anyone wanting to inject some grandiosity into their sets. His interpretation of Doepp & Tobi Rech’s track is taking absolutely no prisoners keeps it’s tension from the very beginning to the end.
DYNOMITE BROTHERS - gotta be a millionaire
Dynomite Brothers ein neues geniales Duo der Dance Szene mit seiner ersten Single Vö und die haut gleich voll auf die "12" .Angesagte Dance Beats, geile Remixe und ein knackiges Video - enjoy!!!!! ( das erste Album folgt noch im Herbst)

Finest dance beats.....Fresh, contemporary dance music.
from Dynomite Brothers hit factory .great remixes and a sexy superb video....
new album coming soon.