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Willkommen bei der A45 Music GmbH

Als eine der etablierten Independent Musik Firmen in Deutschland, sind wir seit nun 20 Jahren für nationale und internationale Künstler aus den Bereichen Dance, Trance, House & Club aber auch Party, Party-Schlager, Pop und RnB zu einer international erfolgreichen Plattform geworden.
Darüber hinaus ermöglicht unser internationales Netzwerk weltweite Veröffentlichungen, online distribution & die Auswertung von Musikverlagsrechten,neben der Möglichkeit auch als Dienstleister Ihre Aktivitäten in allen Bereichen der Musikbranche (von der Produktion bis zur Vermarktung) zu unterstützen.

Welcome to A45 Music GmbH

As one of the well established independent music companies in Germany, since 1999 the company has become a very successful home for national & international acts and producers of Dance, Trance, House and Party-Schlager, Pop and RnB. Our international network offers on top worldwide release, online distribution and as well the exploitation of publishing rights and acting as your agent in various further fields of the music business.

Latest news

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SHAUN BAKER feat. Jessica Jean - Run Away
Shaun Baker together with his Singer Jessica Jean has once again been busy in the studio working on a new Single.and this time Shaun decided on a cover Version:
The song in question is called “RUN AWAY” and features also a massive catchy sing along chorus.
The track can only be described as a perfect commercial club crossover tool, ideal for Radio an all dance Floors around the world.

The remix package is impressive:.
Klaas, the international known producer and remixer has created a mix that can only be described as a Big Prime Time burner, the Klaas mix is also featured in the Video.
Shaun has teamed up with the remixers IOI to produced their own mix version, the typical IOI big strings and goose pimple breakdowns will have the clubbers throwing and waving their hands in unison.
And last but not least Jay Frog has put his hands on “Run Away” to create 2 versions, the Jay Frog Club Remix leans more to deep club while the Jay Frog Remix caters more for the mainstream floor.

The Video shot on location in Germany is sexy, crazy and full of action, but don’t take my word for it, click, view and form your own opinion.

For more information about Shaun Baker and Jessica Jean check here: www.dj-shaunbaker.com